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Landlord - Continuous Service Agreement (CSA)
Landlord Details

I hereby notify Renfrew Hydro Inc. that:

  1. I am the owner / property manager of the property / properties listed below; and

  2. Until the Tenant gives notice to Renfrew Hydro Inc., the Tenant is responsible for all electricity charges incurred.

List of services address(es) of the property (properties) you own/manage that require service:

Authorization (Please select one)

In Ontario, there are different types of regulated price plans that residential and small business customers can choose from for electricity charges.  Time-of-use (TOU) and Tiered rates.  Please select below which rate plan, between tenants, will be applied to all accounts listed above for all future electricity bills.

Price Plan (Please select one)
The Owner / Landlord / Property Manager ("Customer") further agrees to:

1.  The Customer is responsible for notifying Renfrew Hydro Inc. of any changes (i.e. contact information, property ownership details, etc.);

2.  It is your responsibility to notify Renfrew Hydro Inc. should you sell any of the properties listed above;

3.  Renfrew Hydro Inc. may choose to notify the Customer of non-payment of an account and/or disconnection of service if the tenant fails to pay all the related service and distribution charges at the location(s) covered by this Agreement from the date herein until such time as the Landlord no longer requires the service;

4.  A change of occupancy charge normally applies for each move.  However, this charge will be waived for a temporary move to a landlord's account under this agreement;

5.  Understands the General Conditions and Privacy Notice to Customers of the Distributor as per the following page.

Terms and Conditions

Click here to review Renfrew Hydro's Conditions of Service.  By submitting this form, Landlord authorizes to activate this agreement for all properties listed above.

Your Form has been submitted!

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