Get Your service Reconnected


If your electrical service has been disconnected because of payment problems, you must:

1. Pay the total amount owing (see your payment options).

2. Call us to report the payment and request a reconnection, call 613-432-4884.

3. Before we can reconnect power, we'll need to confirm that all electrical equipment is turned off or
     disconnected, particularly heat-producing appliances and devices such as stoves, space heaters and clothes irons.

If your electricity is off because of a power outage

You don't need to request a reconnection. Renfrew Hydro Inc Service Lineman are working around the clock to
 ensure power will be restored as soon as possible.

 To report a power outage, call 613-432-4884.

Avoid a service disconnection

Pay your bill by the due date. The due date can be found in the
top right corner of your bill. If you know you won't be able to 
pay your bill on time, call our customer service team at

If no payment is received by the due date, a late payment charge will be added to your account,
plus any unpaid amounts. We will then attempt to contact you by phone, mail, or email to remind you to pay. If
no action is taken we will make an attempt at collection with delivery of a Collection/Disconnection Notice, there 
will be a Collection Charge of $30.00. If no contact is made after this notice, we may disconnect your electricity 
service. A $65.00 fee is then charged for the disconnection/reconnection of the meter.

If you make a late payment, report the payment calling our customer service team 613-432-4884.