Illumient Smart Grid Lighting


Illumient advanced off-grid lighting solutions with Smart Off-Grid technology delivers the lowest cost of ownership
and highest reliability in the market.

With Illumient, you eliminate the cost of trenching and cabling. Installation takes less than a day and requires no
specialized tools or training. Our LED lights require less power and
significantly reduce ongoing maintenance thanks to real time monitoring
and control. Illumient is fully engineered and field-proven.

The Illumient Difference: Monitor,
Manage and Proactively Maintain
Lights over the Internet

Illumient combines the power of clean energy with the proven advantages
of communications and cloud software to deliver the most reliable off-grid
lights in the industry, while lowering the cost to install and maintain by up
to 80%. Our Smart Off-Grid software enables the lights to be monitored,
managed and proactively maintained over the Internet, delivering
unmatched reliability and ensuring long lasting system perfomance.

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For sales inquiries please call the office 613-432-4884 and ask for
Bill Nippard.


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