Investigate a Higher then Expected Bill


There are many reasons why your bill could be higher than expected. The type of heating system in your home,
building or facility, how it was constructed, as well as changes in your behaviour (such as cooking more, doing 
laundry more often), all factor into your overall electricity use.

Some common reasons for a higher than expected bill, include:

  • Change in season or outside temperature

  • A new appliance or electronic device, including televisions and
    set-top boxes (PVRs)

  • Renovations

  • Your Equal Payment Plan annual adjustment, if your payments have
    been less than the electricity you’ve been using

Compare your bill to understand your usage

Understanding your bill details and your electricity rate can help you better understand your electricity use and
why your bill may be higher than expected.

One of the best ways to see how your electricity use has changed is to compare your current bill with a bill from
the same time period last year:

Note the total electricity use – measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) – and your average daily use printed on the bottom
left side of your bill.

If your electricity use has remained relatively level, your bill may be higher due to other billing factors, including:

  • Longer billing period length: Your bill may cover a longer period of time than your previous bills. You can see the
    number of days in the billing period with the meter reading dates on the left side of the bill. Previous bills may have
    covered a shorter period.

  • Meter reading estimates: If we are unable to read your electricity meter, your bill will be estimated based on your
    electricity use history and the message "Your bill shows an estimate" will appear.  Your account will be adjusted
    the next time we read your meter to reflect your actual electricity use.

  • Rate changes: Changes to electricity rates will make your bill higher even if you use the same amount of electricity
    as you did previously.

Monitor your electricity use with our tracking tools

Use our Customer | Conenct tool to view your detailed electricity use by the month, week, day or even hour – up to the
previous day. Doing so can help you understand how different factors like a change in outside temperature and daily
behaviours can increase your electricity use. This can help you better manage your usage and your bill and help in
identifying areas to save.


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