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Power Outages


Reasons for unplanned outages

Power outages can be caused by the upstream loss of the electricity supply to our community, equipment failure, weather conditions, tree contact, wildlife interference, or vehicle accidents.

Many outages can be rectified using remotely operated switches.  If this is not possible, Renfrew Hydro emergency crews are deployed rapidly to make repairs and restore power to customers as swiftly as possible.

Outages can happen any time  

We do our best to avoid outages for our customers, but power outages can happen any time.  Remember to be prepared for an outage and know how to stay safe.  See our Emergency Preparedness page for more details.

Prepare for an outage before it happens

Preparing for an outage starts long before it happens.  Here are a few steps you can take now to prepare:

  • Develop a preparedness plan and share it with your family.  Be sure everyone knows what to expect and what to do.
    Have a contingency plan in case power is out for a longer period.

  • Make a list of local emergency contact numbers (fire, police, ambulance).  Include Renfrew Hydro 613-432-4884 for reporting an outage.

  • Prepare an emergency kit and store it in an easy to find location.  Check regularly to make sure the kit is well
    stocked and that all equipment is in good working order.

  • Use surge protectors to protect sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, DVD players and TVs.

  • Include a battery operated flashlight in your emergency kit to avoid using candles - they can be a fire hazard.

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