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Smart Meters

​It records how much electricity was used and when it was used (typically hourly) and communicates this information automatically via wireless communications and other technologies. 

What will My Smart Meter Do?
The smart meter system provides a number of significant benefits, as it measures how much
energy you use and when you use it — providing you with the opportunity to take action
to reduce your energy bill by providing you the opportunity to:  

  • Lower your electricity use during peak (higher price) periods; and shifting your

        electricity use to lower price periods.

  • Review your electricity use information the next day through our Customer Connect
    portal as smart meters automatically and regularly send your meter readings
    via wireless and other technologies.

As a utility we will be able to respond faster to outages - smart meters will eventually
tell us when your power is out.  The smart meters will aid in reducing the need to build
power generation facilities - as customers shift energy use away from peak periods.


Will my electricity bill automatically go down once I have a smart meter?

Smart meters will not automatically result in energy cost savings.  When teamed with time-of-use rates, your 
smart meter will provide you the opportunity to better manage your electricity bill by reducing electricity use during
                                                higher price periods and by moving your electricity use to lower price periods.

                                                 What are some examples of how I can save energy with a smart meter?
                                                            Shift your electricity usage to periods when the prices are lower
                                                            Do laundry on weekends and wash in cold water
                                                            Turn the dishwasher on after 7 p.m. and select the Economy setting and air dry cycle
                                                            Lower your electricity usage during periods when the prices are higher
                                                            Set the air-conditioning a few degrees warmer during the afternoon
                                                            Turn appliances such as the computer, radio and TV off when they're not in use
                                                            Most common but sometimes forgotten, turn lights off when not in use


Between now and 2025, Ontario must build almost a whole new electricity system.  This includes replacing about 80
percent of our current generating facilities as they retire over time, and expanding the system to meet future growth.
Building new supply is vital and so is conservation, as a result the Government of Ontario is introducing new tools like
smart meters to encourage all of us to think more about how and when we use electricity. 


Where can I get more information about smart meters?

There is a website dedicated to providing information about smart meters.  Go to

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