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Cancellation of Service (Move Out)

This form is used to initiate the final read(s) and closure of account.  This form must be filled out if you are moving outside Renfrew Hydro's territory or to an address in Renfrew where you will not be responsible for paying for electric services.  If you purchase your energy from a retailer, please also contact them with details of your move.

Please allow up to 10 business days for a Renfrew Hydro representative to confirm and process your moving request.

This date should reflect the end of your legal obligation for services.  If renting, your agreement end date, if selling, your close date.

Current Service Information

Do you Own or Rent the Service Address?

If Selling:

If Renting:

New Mailing Address Information

Contact information

Terms and Conditions

By submitting this form, you are certifying the above information to be true and complete.  If you are a Tenant, the landlord may be notified when a move out date/final bill has been requested.

Thanks, your form has been submitted!

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