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Landlord and Property Managers

Renfrew Hydro has a Continuing Service Agreement (CSA) available that helps landlords and property management companies more effectively manage the electrical service for their rental units.  


By completing and submitting an agreement to participate, landlords and property managers authorize Renfrew Hydro to automatically transfer responsibility for a rental unit's electricity service to them when a tenant moves out.  This ensures that the electricity remains in service at the property and that a new tenant doesn't have to request reconnection and pay the associated fees.

Under this program, the account set-up and transfer fees are also waived for landlords and property managers. Renfrew Hydro will notify the landlord or property manager when a tenant has closed their account and will advise as to when the service has been transferred to their account.

When Renfrew Hydro receives a move-in request, we will then transfer the account from the landlord or property manager to the new tenant.  The new tenant will be responsible for all costs, including the one-time account set-up fee.

If you want to participate in this Program, please complete and submit the Landlord Continuing Service Agreement (CSA) form.

If you already have a Landlord Continuing Service Agreement and wish to cancel your agreement, please complete and submit the Cancel Landlord Continuing Service Agreement.

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