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In 1901, the Renfrew Power Company issued a contract for construction
of a dam and generator house.  This original building is still generating
power today.


In November 2000, the responsibility for the distribution of electricity to
Renfrew residents and businesses was granted to Renfrew Hydro Inc.
and the responsibility for power generation to Renfrew Power Generation


Now, Renfrew Hydro Inc., delivers power to over 4,200 residences
& businesses and has 10 dedicated employees, that are there to serve

it's customers with safe, reliable power.

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In 1825, the current location of the hydro generation dam in Renfrew was identified as a prime source of water power.  Since then, businesses and organizations have worked to harness the power of the Bonnechere River in a variety of methods.  The water has been used to turn millstones, machinery, turbines and shuttle logs from Algonquin Park down to the Ottawa River.


1853 saw the start of the industrial development of the lands around the waterfalls described as "Rose  Tree Falls." The McDougall Mill was built around this time and remains standing today.  These businesses relied heavily on the Bonnechere River for their power.


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