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Move In/Out


Moving within Renfrew
If you are moving to or within the Town of Renfrew, and in our Service Area, 
you can fill out the form below to cancel service at your old address and submit or
call us at 613-432-4884.

We will also require information about your new residence so we can set
up a new account for you there and schedule a final meter reading at
your old residence.

Canceling Service (Move Out) Form  

Residential Application for Service Form

Moving Outside of Renfrew (canceling service)

If you are moving out of the Town of Renfrew, you can fill out the form
below and and submit or call us 
at 613-432-4884 to cancel your service.                          We will then arrange a final meter reading and collect
the information 
required for your final bill.


Canceling Service (Move Out) Form

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