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Deposit Requirement

A security deposit is required for all commercial accounts in accordance with Renfrew Hydro Inc.'s Conditions of Service which can be viewed at  Failure to pay the security deposit as required will result in the immediate implementation of our Collection Policy which may lead to the discontinuation of electrical service.  Our office will contact you with details of Deposit amount required and method of payment options.

By submitting this form, Owner(s)/Director(s) agree to accept electricity services from Renfrew Hydro Inc. in accordance with their Conditions of Service and Privacy policy and will be bound by them as they exist and are subject to change.  Renfrew Hydro Inc.'s Condition of Service and Privacy Policy may be viewed at  If you are a tenant, the landlord may be notified if the property has been scheduled for a disconnection of service due to non-payment or when a move-out date/final bill has been requested.

Please note, a $30.00 account setup charge/change of occupancy charge will be applied to your first bill.

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Please allow 2 - 3 business days for an emailed response from our Customer Service team.

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