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Small Business Rates                                                                         

This classification applies to a non residential account taking electricity at 750 volts or less whose average monthly maximum demand is less than, or is forecast to be less than, 50 kW.

No matter which season, on weekends and holidays the cheapest rates are in effect all day. Holiday Schedule for Time-of-Use and Ultra-Low Overnight.

Rates effective January 01, 2024

Note 1: The Delivery Line Loss Charge is calculated by multiplying the Electricity Charge Consumption by the loss factor and then multiplying this number by the current month’s Electricity Charge under the RPP rate.

Note 2: For customers who do not purchase their electricity from an electricity retailer, a monthly administration fee of $0.25 is added to the regulatory charge.

Note 3: The Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) is a provincially funded rebate that applies a credit on qualifying electricity bills and reduces the pre-HST costs on a customer’s bill.  This credit will appear as a separate line on your Renfrew Hydro bill.

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